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Crowdsourcing 2.0

Dr. Tom Wallsten

Have you ever made a prediction about the future? Hypothesized who will be the next President of the United States, or what the price of gas per gallon will be in a week?

The JDP lab is currently working on an IARPR-funded research project in conjunction with several other universities to discover how people make predictions, and how to improve them. We are asking experts all over the country to answer questions about the future, and we are working to combine these judgements through mathematical models to create the best possible prediction.

Exploring the Dating Market

Colette Nataf

Do you have a certain coffee mug you use every morning? A pair of shoes you always wear? A certain brand of cereal you've been eating for years?

How much would you pay to give up that item?

Chances are, you'll probably require more money to sell (give up) the item than people would pay to buy the same item. This phenomenon is called the endowment effect, and it has thoroughly been studied in a variety of markets over the past 20 years. One area researchers have missed, however, is the dating market.
Will the psychology be different between a mug and a mug shot?

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